The first time I met the catfish was a mini pond at SIM and my friend introduce to me and she names him Bernie and from that day on that how I call him. He is a very big large size Catfish and his face is so scary that he can eat you up into nothing. The first time I saw Bernie up close and personal I can say he have a big personality I can tell he is the hunger for excitement and wants to make friends. So ... I will always see at the pond swimming as usual during lunch time if I eat at the canteen. On one of my friend's birthday, we decided to go to the next school and eat so we had to pass by the pond and we thought we can see Bernie and all of a sudden we saw Bernie eating a koi fish !!! was shocked at first but then again I can tell Bernie is hungry and he is not fed well so he has to eat one of his friends too. After the incident, we decided to inform security about it and it took a few weeks to move the Bernie to another pond. After they transfer Bernie to another Pond we feel like he becomes sad because he is all alone by himself and still he is not well fed but we can't do anything because we don't have the power to control it so we just keep watching him from there every day if pass by. 

I decided to do an artwork of Bernie two version one a normal Illustration of him and another is pop art pattern. All this is a memory of Bernie on how i know the Catfish.
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