The day that Simba came to my house is one of the happiest days of my life. I'm a cat fan and whenever I see a cat at the void deck I will always pet them as like they were mine. Seeing Simba for the first time living in my house I was wondering "how to take care of the cat?". Before Simba came I have already asked some of my cousin who owns a cat and ask for tips on what to get and how to take care of it so I won't panic. So when he came to our house we play with him and let him explore the house so he can familiarize the layout of the house to make sure he is not lost. At first, he was shy and scared because he doesn't who we are so we had to play with him pet him and also sleep outside with him for more than two weeks just to let him adapt to us.Day by day he slowly knows us and from there we get all the cat toys  to play with him from mouse bait toy and furball strings. We also got him a mini bed that we bought online, but he doesn't like it. He prefers to sleep on the floor because our house tile is cold and cats like cold surface.
The first day simba came to our house.
One thing about Simba he loves to sleep (really love to sleep) but he is super active at night when the clock strike twelve he will be in his beast mode running around up and down and also keep meowing to make us play with him. That's one of the reasons why we sleep outside with him. But during the day he spent most of the sleeping like a baby, one thing about him he has a lot of poses while sleeping for us we find it so funny and there's one time he purring while asleep and I was wondering what was he dreaming about well that's cat. 
Simba has a lot of unique sleeping poses.
Simba at my bed.
One thing I learn about taking care of a cat is it dietician food. Because Simba is a rag doll we bought special cat food from him. From High-grade dry food to wet food. We also got him cat milk and cat treat. My brother make sure we give him the right amount of food especially wet food, we only give him 1 can food a day 2 session late breakfast and lunch while we sometimes give him milk together. It's best to  control its diet to prevent fur hair fall. But sometimes we give him more as a reward.

one of my favourite brand to get for Simba and its a Japanese brand tuna with salmon.
one of the cat milk that Simba loves to drink also from japan :D
one thing about what i get i will fall over illustration and will just get them and in this case simba really like this  !!! :D
Few weeks with us he has grown a little and he likes to bite us. They say when they bite us means it's a sign that he love us.

 For now this what i can write about him. will update more soon.
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