Zamora the Fire witch

zamora the fire witch - beware of her devil flames .. it's about a witch that have great ambitions to be the greatest villainess of all she would do anything ... back stab or learn new black magic.

           Zamora the fire witch .. this character design was an inspiration on female villain from diffrent type of show or drama.. my first design for this character started from a normal hand drawn design (last pic) zamora wearing green battle armor dress, from there i decided to make more design in diffrent form soo called emotion of this character and i want to make it different i want her to have a lot of outfit not just the same one .. it will be boring. so after thinking .. i decided to give it a try .. i firstly change her color costume to red because she is a fire witch and she need to have the angry looking expression. All the design i did has been done in Photoshop CS5.5 her face design i make a toon look .. to see if she is cute or not.  Overall i love designing this character  hope you just enjoy browsing my works ^_^.
the original artwork of zamora, color costume green 
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